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Building on a dream to make a difference!   This property was previously a motocross course.  We operated the course for several years until 9/11.  After no longer able to secure insurance the course closed and remained quiet until we got the mud run bug.  The Mud Dog Challenge was born out of the desire to create a permanent venue for people of all ages and abilities to get moving.  In addition, we wanted to provide a way for non-profits to hold an event like no other.  A benefit of a permanent course also provides out community police and fire departments a place to train.  We have several military bases that have the opportunity to train on the course as well.  Recently (2015) we opened the course up for high school sports teams to hold trainings.  The Power of Play has many benefits, and we are looking to expand to offer companies a place to hold team building training and other company events.

It is our goal to make a difference!  To give people a reason to get moving and change their lives for the better!  To challenge themselves!  To give our community a boost!  To support area businesses!  And the list goes on!

For those who wonder – the name Mud Dog was chosen by the memory of our beloved labrador “Gunnar” who would dive into the mud holes on the motocross course.  He loved the mud and water!  It was his playground!  Now it’s a playground for all!

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It is our goal to reach as many people as possible.  To make people laugh and find out again what it’s like to play outside.  The Power of Play has many benefits!  Life is too short!  Get out and do something as a family!  Get your friends together and PLAY!  Kids young and old can play and learn together!  So what’s stopping you? Plan to attend one of our events, or make one of your own!

Jeff, Julie and Hannah

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